Options lovers, news junkies, stock market enthusiasts


Optionshoney.com was created for Options lovers, news junkies, stock market enthusiasts(people who live, sleep, and breathe the Options Market), and the rest of the world interested in learning about “Options”.  At Optionshoney, we will focus on educating millions of people around the globe who are interested in learning and trading options on both equity securities and commodities.  Our dream is to share our knowledge and love of Options with the global community.  We seek to build the world’s largest interactive community of Options lovers.   Optionshoney is designed for veteran options trader and people  just learning today about what options are.   We want your comments and desire to learn all about the world of Options and the intricate nature of the global capital markets.

In our bee hive, we will be discussing/designing option trade ideas on both commodities and stocks.  We will be monitoring close to 40 stocks in the following sectors: Financial Services, Technology, Basic Materials, and Energy.  Additionally, we will be reporting on various commodities (gold, silver, copper, oil, natural gas, sugar, oranges, etc) and demonstrating option play ideas on these commodities.  Frequent comments will be made on our subjective opinions of the macro global markets and our outlook for individual companies.

Options are very complex instruments and options prices can change with the blink of an eye…It will take several years of diligent research on the macro markets and long hours analyzing individual stocks to fine tune all of our skill sets as successful Options traders.  Optionshoney.com is for everyone (mom, dad, farmers, chefs, teachers, sales executives, professional traders, etc.) and this is going to be lots of fun!!  I am already starting to feel the buzzzzz…The more bees that join our hive in making tons of honey…the more brilliant trade ideas that will be formulated by us and our users…and ultimately the more money we can all make as a team.  Of course my blog partner ’41’ and I will be working around the clock to educate the global community all about the complex and extremely fast paced and exciting world of the Options Markets.

Let us know what you think!

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